NABH Accredited Centre

Patient Flow – Gamma Scan

Scheduling Appointments


Appointment for below mentioned scans can be obtained either by calling on mentioned numbers or personal visit to the facility

  • Bone scan
  • DTPA/renal dynamic scan(kidney)
  • DMSA scan (kidney)
  • Parathyroid scan
  • Thyroid scan
  • VQ scan (lung)
  • Brain perfusion study
  • DRCG
  • MUGA (for EF)
  • HIDA
  • Others (specify) –

No advance payment is required for booking an appointment

On Day of Appointment at the Reception

  • The scan referral letter / prescription is checked & verified
  • The registration process is carried out
  • Duration : 15-20 mins


  • Fasting is not required
  • Kindly bring all your clinical record, which includes old investigation reports & treatment prescriptions

Clinical History

  • Doctor takes history of illness and various medication / treatment received for the same
  • Your old medical records are evaluated to plan any customisation in the test procedure
  • Please notify the staff if you are pregnant or lactating. Pregnancy is a complete contraindication to the test.
  • Pregnancy (LMP) is asked from female patient in reproductive age group. If any doubt of pregnancy, UPT is done.
  • Informed patient declaration and consent is obtained
  • Duration 15-20 mins.

Patient Preparation

  • Patient may be asked to change over to Center clothing (if necessary) & removing any metallic objects.
  • Height and weight is recorded on file
  • I.V. cannulation is done for administering i.v. medication
  • Duration : 10-15 mins.
  • Instructions specific to the test will be explained



Payment from all modes as: cash/credit card/debit cards are acceptable

Injection and Post Injection

  • You will be injected with radio-pharmaceutical for the scan.
  • During this period, you will be asked to sit separately from attendants


  • There is no need to hold the urine before any of the above mentioned scans (Except DRCG)
  • Depending on the scan multiple dynamic / static images may be required at multiple intervals

Report Collection

  • Report can be collected on the next working day between 12 to 5pm
  • Email facility for written reports and coloured images are available
  • Extra copies of report set (may be required for reimbursements/TPA) is available on chargeable basis