NABH Accredited Centre

Patient Flow – PET CT

Scheduling Appointments


Appointment for a Whole Body 18F-FDG PET-CT Scan/Brain 18F-FDG PET-CT Scan can be obtained either by calling on numbers mentioned below or personally visiting the Center.

On Day of Appointment at the Reception

  • The scan referral letter from the referring doctor is checked and confirmed
  • The registration form is filled up
  • Duration : On an average 15-30 minutes are needed for completing the registration formalities.

Clinical History

  • Doctor takes history of illness and various treatments received for the same
  • Serum creatinine (KFT) value is noted. The old medical documents such as previous report of PET-CT with old CD, previous CT scan/MRI/USG reports, discharge slip of hospital if any and other relevant medical documents are seen and photocopied for records and correlation.
  • Pregnancy (LMP) is asked from females in reproductive age group. If there is doubt of pregnancy, UPT is done.
  • Informed patient declaration and consent is obtained.
  • Duration: 15-20mins(approximately)

Patient Preparation

  • As part of screening, blood sugar and history of last meal is obtained.
  • Height and weight is recorded on file.
  • Patient is asked to change over to Centre clothing, if deemed necessary.
  • Cannula is fixed.
  • File handed over to the relative / attendant to process payment.
  • Duration: 15-30mins (approximately)


  • Payment can be made in cash / credit card / debit card.
  • Online transfer facility is also available.
  • Duration: 05-10 mins (approximately)

Injection and Post Injection

  • Patient will be taken inside radioactive block and necessary instructions given.
  • Patient will be injected radioactive material (18F-FDG) and advised to relax for about 60mins in the post-injection waiting room.
  • Duration: 60-75mins(approximately)


  • Prior to the commencement of scanning procedure, patient is asked to empty the bladder (void) in the designated radioactive wash room.
  • Scanning may take 15-30min depending upon the general condition of the patient.
  • Patient may be asked to sit for another 30 mins to allow us to verify the images. If no other images are required, cannula will be taken out and patient is allowed to leave.
  • In case delayed images are required, patient will be asked to sit and further instruction given.
  • Duration: 45-60mins(approximately)

Report Collection

  • Report can be collected on next working day between 12 to 5 pm
  • Email facility for written report and colored images is available.
  • Courier facility is also available on payment basis.
  • Separate set of report is available on charges.