NABH Accredited Centre



Medical science has seen astronomical growth in the recent times. Thanks to these developments, millions of people are diagnosed with deadly diseases in time and healed, giving them several more years of life. At Molecular in partnership with Oncquest, we strive for perfection in diagnosing these diseases.

With the use of latest technology and state of the art testing equipment, we are able to achieve precision in our diagnostic procedures. Our aim is to be an exemplary laboratory that is recognized for its high efficiency, clinical excellence, professionalism and more importantly, known for being a one stop solution for advanced pathological studies.

Our Strength

Our strength lies in our implementation of latest technology. Our Oncquest labs are equipped with molecular technology including fields such as bioinformatics, pharmocogenomics, companion diagnostics, proteomics and biomarker studies. Oncquest also have an integrated research facility with an advanced genetic oncology wing, thus help expanding scope of testing. We undertake the advanced tests for cancer detection.

“World class facilities available under one roof”

Molecular through its partnership with Oncquest has one of the widest test portfolios in the diagnostic industry especially in exploratory & end-point biomarkers, genomic services & histology. Oncquest ten years of molecular testing experience & accomplishments has enabled us to adapt to market trends & customer requirements and hence have been able to develop tests based on the protocol requirements. Our encouraging team & flexible organizational structure equips us to evaluate exploratory biomarkers. We develop & validate biomarkers based on wide range of technologies possessed by Oncquest. We have launched many molecular tests in Indian market.

Specialised Services

Molecular through its partnership with Oncquest offers more than 1000 assays spanning the screening, diagnostic, monitoring and prognostic spectra of laboratory assays from Oncology to Infectious diseases on the Quality guidelines of NABL and College of American Pathologists (CAP).

Our Specialised Capabilities are:

  • Molecular Pathology
    • PCR
    • Gene Sequencing
  • Cytogenetics and FISH
  • Haematology & Flow Cytometry
  • Immunohistochemistry (IHC)
  • Surgical Pathology
  • Next Generation Sequencing(NGS)

For Patients

At Molecular through its partnership with Oncquest, we offer the most advanced pathological tests that can form the basis of accurate treatment. While our partner Oncquest labs perform various tests to diagnose different diseases using state of the art equipment, cancer related tests remain our key. Over the years in service, Oncquest have built a highly advanced cancer testing lab which is certified by leading accreditations such as NABL and CAP.

Cancer is one of the most frightening diseases today, not only because of its deadly influence on a person, but also because of the number of people who are falling prey to the disease. According to a research, one million new cancer cases are detected and millions of people die every year from this deadly disease. The small silver lining in the whole sad issue is that millions of people can be saved if cancer is diagnosed in time. Oncquest envisions optimizing on this silver lining and detecting cancer at the right time by using the most advanced diagnostic methods.

When you come to Molecular, we make sure that your participation in the testing process is largely simplified with:

  • Accurate test results
  • Timely delivery of test reports
  • Affordable diagnostic service
  • Adverse event reporting
  • Customized and individualized testing
  • Strong logistics support for transport of specimen
  • Number of collection centers spread across India

Quality is one of the major priorities, which is why we have come up with a Quality Assurance Program. It works on two streams – Laboratory Quality Control Program and Continuous Quality Improvement Program. From ensuring the accuracy of testing equipment to sample handling and preparation, we ensure quality in every process that we undertake. Additionally, we continuously upgrade our equipment and technology so we can bring the global standard technology for your benefit.

We recognize the tremendous responsibility that you have entrusted on us. We also know that any flaw from our side is unforgivable. So, we put in all our efforts to provide you with the most accurate test results.